For the good of the team

If I had to assign a theme to the past few weeks at TCU’s Neeley School of Business it would be “team building” and all the fun stuff that can go along with it.

The Neeley MBA program, with all its alums and supporters, is one big team. The Class of 2012 is a 59-member team of highly intelligent and motivated people. Each student in first-year class is assigned to a five-, six- or seven-member team, in which we collaborate on homework assignments, presentations and morale building (including hugs). This week, our Management class homework assignment featured a case analysis about teamwork. For the past several weeks, some brave men and women from the first-year MBA class have gathered to practice for the annual Purple and White flag football game vs. the second-year students.

Since I’ve never worked in a structured team environment, I find the team dynamic fascinating (and sometimes frustrating). I’ve already learned a great deal about my management and leadership skills and what I need to work on to get better. I’m also happy to apply my writing and creative skills to enhance the work my team does at all levels.

And it doesn’t hurt that TCU has a really good football team. Go Frogs!

— Michele Machado


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