Boot scootin’ at Billy Bob’s

We’ve reached our five-day Fall Break at the Neeley School of Business, which gives me and my fellow MBA students a chance to catch our breaths and reflect on the first half of the semester. Finals for our eight-week classes are next week and midterms for our two full-term classes are the about 10 days out.

It’s interesting to think of how far we’ve all come since START orientation week in August. Back then we were just getting to know each other, and now many great friendships have been forged. Just tonight the first-year students joined the second-years at Billy Bob’s Texas honky tonk in Fort Worth’s historical Stockyards. It was an evening filled with great laughs, cold adult beverages and some lively boot scootin’.

The Neeley “family” is like no other group I’ve ever been a part of. No matter our age, background or heritage, we all now have a common bond. The hard work will pay off, and by the end of this semester, we’ll all be better people for making this journey together.

Speaking of better people, I thought I’d share this video from our START orientation week back in August. We had the honor of volunteering at the Tarrant Area Food Bank. It was a wonderful experience for everyone.

— Michele Machado


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