‘Skip’ Sessions

Not to be confused with skipping class, this really has everything to do with honoring a gauntlet challenge … metaphorically. So it all began that wonderfully exhaustive and ‘hit the ground’ START workshop week when our dearest admissions director, Peggy Conway, decided to say, “It’s not like you guys are going to be skipping down the hall every day yelling, ‘woohoo.'” Oh, I’ll take that bet.

Thus came the birth of what we have affectionately named our skip sessions. Every day that we have classes, I swing by Peggy’s office and skip in, naively optimistic about life. We then chat about the comings and goings of school (because this is secretly a front cover for my evil espionage) and magically create new projects for me to do. I often wonder if it’s a good idea for me to continue adding to my creative ADD as it is. Still, it provides me a personal satisfaction with keeping up with the challenge, and a bit of mentor nostalgia from my undergraduate ‘skip’ sessions with my dear friend and mentor Jeanne (Although that one did not required skipping).

Say what you will about my rainbows and sunshine outlook on academia, but these sessions are really just an illustration of the amount of personal attention students are able to access at TCU Neeley. The customization and communication of ideas and projects. Plus, the fact that I can honestly skip by every day must mean something is right there (Or that something is not right with my head, but we should save the question of my sanity for a different time).

Despite the massive workload and midterms and finals challenging our students, I like that there is always a chance to skip back and examine how things are developing. I certainly recommend my fellow colleague to participate in a skip session or two. It’s a wonderful way to unwind thoughts.

Topics You Can Ask Me More About: Morning Hugs, Study Habits, Renaissance Festival, Harry Potter Midnight Showing.

annie nguyen


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