Interim interviews

So we’ve recently finished off a slew of interim finals and midterms and it has been an interesting experience. More interesting however has been the range of interim interviews occurring for everyone: informational, mock, and actual.

I just finished the day with a wonderful mock interview with CEO and all around nice guy Mr. Steve Dutton of Samaritan House in Fort Worth. Mainly based on behavioral interview style, it was more a long conversation about values, goals, and approaches toward those goals. Although I had met Mr. Dutton a few times before through networking events and information tours at Samaritan House, I enjoyed being able to truly talk with him during this time. I had actually been volunteering several times a week with adult tutoring at his company and was able to discuss the development of that project.

Still, I think a lot of the value in the mock interviews and overall process of career building at TCU has been the continued contact with a variety of work, personalities, and companies. Although my mock interview brought me into the area of Non-Profit, many of the companies (Frito-Lay, Victory Partners, Fidelity, and more) have provided a range of interview types in multiple areas for our MBAs.

The experience is something I find fascinating, more so because I’ve taken on the project of filming that experience in interviews with my colleagues, interviews with the employers, and advice and thoughts about the value from this experience.

One more week of mock interviewing for us and still more work ahead. I’ll be sure to post more when TCU posts an official edit of my filming (or when I get out a personal edit of the experience). October should certainly finish strong, but November appears to be looking quite booked.

Side Notes: Go Rangers!

annie nguyen


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  1. Good post, Annie!

    Hugs back,


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