Trick or Treat or Travel

Halloween weekend began with a consolidated workshop on international business for the various study abroad trips offered by TCU. As an avid traveler, I like that TCU has a wide range of study abroad programs and offers fascinating subject matter as it relates to growing globalization in the business world.

The workshop offers a preliminary introduction to current issues of international business in terms of legal parameters, capacity constraints, and overall necessity of cultural understanding. By outlining how important these issues are becoming for business, it really emphasizes how enlightening international travel can be.

 I’ve always been a proponent of travel expanding perspective, and the opportunities TCU provides add a layer of interaction with local businesses that you might not get on your own. Basically, I can’t wait to check out Chile and truly explore those ideas.

Besides having a workshop for travel, we followed the Saturday night with a Halloween bash filled with good people, great costumes and a fantastic props and conversation. We had our professor look-alikes, California raisins, killers of serial killers, and inflatable Cheshire cats. Just saying, nice balance this weekend of work and play.


 annie nguyen


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