Networking, Networking, Networking

I’m sure that many people are excited to go back to business school in order to do some networking with people. In particular, MBA alumni of the school you attend.

TCU is particularly good about bringing in their alumni, and these alumni are very good about spending time with you to discuss your future. At a brand management boot camp in September, I got to meet Neeley alums that worked as Brand Managers at a variety of corporations such as Frito-Lay (Dallas), Procter and Gamble (Cincinatti), and Sony (Los Angeles). On top of that, the school also brought in another MBA student from a different program that had experience in brand management. Needless to say, it was a very useful program. In those two days, I learned an entire course worth of material. Furthermore, the marketing professionals made it easy to talk to them about their jobs and experiences. Neeley has been great about that, and I am glad I can count on the school for this experience.

However, the programs offered don’t always match up with my particular goals, so I’ve made a concerted effort to get out and meet people. I scheduled appointments to meet with the Chancellor, Athletic Director, local school superintendents to discuss how they attained their position and their recommendations to me of how to achieve success. Not only has this been useful to me for learning, but I have developed my own personal network of individuals that are helping me. I even contacted the Secretary of Education (I am still waiting to have a conversation with you Mr. Duncan!) trying to put myself out there and learn about others.

 If I could offer some advice, it would be just that. While you can rely on the school to bring people to you, you’re also going to need to get out there and hoof it yourself. When you do, you’ll see how fast your network can grow.

— Daniel Gandarilla


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