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Life in the new term is a slow trek back into the swing of things. This is a function of the flexibility in coursework that begins in the second term, but the introduction of elective paths makes one miss some of the constant camaraderie of the cohort. That said, I haven’t quite gotten over the jetlag that comes with returning to school again after the winter holiday break, but I have filled a bit of my time creating spoofs about my time past.

I don’t want to overload this entry with video plugs, but I have immensely enjoyed my first term at TCU and so follow a few amateur videos that highlight some of the silliness that is able to grow between colleagues here. Don’t take these too seriously, but then again, every lie has a little bit of truth.

IP (Integrated Project)

Mock Interview Experience

Chile (Video Postcard)


annie nguyen


Ringing in the New Year: Chilean Style

So the study abroad opportunities available at TCU are expansive, as one can see from Lacey’s other post via India. We really do cover the globe and I myself am enjoying the celebration of the new year in Chile. My first time in South America and I’m experiencing many a firsts here.

Starting with the actual new year up in the rotating sky bar in Santiago, we had a delectable full course meal and night view. We are currently enjoying the sights of Pucon, where we experienced some proper horseback riding (my first time) on a private ranch, also with delectable meats. Following that, there appears to have been the shockwaves of a small earthquake here. If by small, you mean 7.1. Thankfully, there was little damage and the epicenter was 2 hours away from us, so our physical experience of it was minor and as tourists, exciting. Today with some free time, I enjoyed my first proper zipline course and others participated in various activities of white-water body sledding, kayaking, exploring volcanic caves, and so on.

Still, it’s not all fun and games, we do have actually business here and I look forward to the actual look at local and national businesses in the area. Tourism has had a major push in the area of thermal baths and we’ll be looking at the industry and experience Parque Thermal Menetue and how it has developed in just a few hours. Being from Japan, I’ll probably have my biases, but we shall see. Hope everyone is enjoying the new year and perhaps making reasonably doable resolutions. Or quickly breaking them. Stay awesome.

annie nguyen