When MBAs Go Golfing

Left to right: Mary Anand, Ngyhia Randle, Tracy Ning Song, Marianna Kisin, Yan Wu, Bart Shirley, Olivia Engkvist, Anh Truong

Golfing is one of those things that any MBA student/graduate should be able to do. I don’t know how it is in real life, but in the movies, it seems like a lot of important business decisions are made out on golf courses. It would be such a shame for one to be left out of those sorts of things just because one can’t golf.

Last weekend, several of us MBAs and one Masters of Accounting student decided to do something about improving/establishing our golfing abilities. Eight of us trekked out to the Benbrook Par 3 Golf Course for three hours of hitting balls. Most of those balls went straight down the fairway (several people discovered hidden golfing talent that day), but there was certainly a number of balls that veered off into the tall weeds, or plunked right into the middle of the water trap.

It was a great time. We got nice tans, shared some laughs, and zipped around on golf carts. Seven out of us eight golfers are going to be graduating in a couple weeks, but I really hope we’ll all keep in touch and keep golfing together.

— Olivia Engkvist

1590 Beach Road, Benbrook, TX
(817) 249-3727
Nine holes, all par 3
$9 per person
$6 per golf cart
No tee-time required


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