About our writers

Michele Machado is a Northern California native and a 1997 graduate of the University of Nevada-Reno (B.A., Journalism). After a 12-year sports journalism career, Michele will use her Neeley MBA (full-time, Class of 2012) to transition into a Marketing and/or Brand Management career. Michele is huge NASCAR fan and has attended races in six states (Texas, Alabama, New Hampshire, Arizona, Nevada and California). As founder and editor of Neeley School MBA Voices, she welcomes your questions and feedback. Contact Michele at m.machado@tcu.edu.

Texan Matt Acuff is a former Air Force Pilot and current full-time student in the MBA Program at TCU’s Neeley School of Business. The Fort Worth native is interested in entrepreneurship and in 2007 started www.CatchAClue.net, an online entertainment guide for the DFW area. He is avid sports fan and cheers for all his DFW teams. Can be reached at matt.acuff@tcu.edu or matt@coolhandenterprises.com

J.R. Honeycutt is an Accelerated MBA student (class of 2011) who grew up near downtown Fort Worth and graduated with a B.A. in Finance from UT-Arlington. He’s an options broker by trade, and an avid sports fan. J.R. once opened for Aerosmith in concert and used to pay the bills by playing guitar on the friendly sidewalks of Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth. He’s interested in consulting, investment banking, and wealth management. J.R. can be reached at jr.honeycutt@tcu.edu.

Lacey Hammons was born in New Orleans and raised in Oklahoma City.  She earned her BBA in marketing at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, Texas, where she picked up her love of winning college football teams and purple.  Lacey’s career has included theme parks, NASCAR, hockey, baseball, and healthcare consulting and staffing.  She is pursuing her MBA with a concentration in consulting and will graduate with the full-time MBA in 2012.  Lacey plans to return to the consulting world with an emphasis in international business and marketing.  Lacey loves open-water swimming, triathlon, and marathon.  Her favorite events to date have been the Alcatraz Challenge and the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.  Lacey can be reached at lacey.hammons@tcu.edu.

Olivia Engkvist comes to TCU by way of the University of Wyoming. She graduated with a BA in journalism/Spanish in 2007, then worked for two years at the Wyoming Community Foundation as the communication officer. She is concentrating on corporate finance, but her plan is to return to nonprofit work after graduating with her MBA in May 2011. She enjoys dinners by candlelight and long walks on the beach. To reach Olivia, send an e-mail to OMEngkvist@tcu.edu.‎

Trilok Hebbur, who is from Bangalore, India, is a full-time MBA student (Class of 2012) with a concentration in Finance. He completed his undergraduate studies in Information Science and Engineering at Dr.A.I.T, Bangalore. After that, he worked with Mindtree Research on Bluetooth Technology. Then he started his own venture “The investors,” a stock broking firm. He also blogs about stock markets at www.stockzgateway.com. Learn more about Trilok at www.trilokhg.com, or e-mail him at trilok.hebbur@tcu.edu.

Holly Sue Forte’ is in the Accelerated MBA program and plans to use her Neeley education to transition to a Marketing Management career focused on brand management and consumer insights.  Her  Bachelors in Business and Accounting is from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) Holly Sue has lived and worked in Colorado, Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Missouri, Kansas and Vermont.  She also spent a year teaching English in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.  She worked for three years in consulting with a focus on Financial Management Software implementations, process redesign and financial reporting solutions.  In 2003, a client (a mid-size construction products manufacturer and contractor), hired Holly as IT Director.  Three years later, she became Director of Business Development and was responsible for brand management, product innovation initiatives, sales force management and marketing strategy while continuing to oversee IT operations. Holly loves the outdoors and spent six months hiking all 2200 miles of the Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to Maine.  She has traveled to all fifty states, Canada, Spain, Germany, Holland and Ireland and looks forward to expanding the list. Get in touch with Holly at holly.forte@tcu.edu.

Daniel Gandarilla is an MBA/Ed.D candidate, and has aspirations of reaching political leadership in education. He believes that education is the foundation of our country’s future and is often oversimplified by politicians. From San Diego, CA originally, Daniel moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend Stanford University. There he received his Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Education. Upon receiving his degrees, he moved to Mexico City where he taught English for a year in corporations to help employees communicate with their British and American counterparts. He then served as a high school teacher and student activities director for five years at South San Francisco High School. He is making a quick transition to Texas, and enjoys the laid back atmosphere of Fort Worth. He enjoys waking up in the morning and waving to his neighbors and the close community feeling on campus. He is also planning his wedding for June of 2011. Get in touch with Daniel at d.gandarilla@tcu.edu.

A native of Austin, Texas, Annie Nguyen earned a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Texas-Austin. She spent the past three years teaching in the JET program in Tokushima, Japan. She is pursuing an MBA/EdD combination degree at TCU. Annie is a traveler, educator, and martial artists here to battle academia by applying international ideas to creating business savvy education solutions. It’s all about building ideas and structure, and with TCU being one of only two schools in the nation with an active MBA/EdD program, it was the perfect choice. In particular, the highly tailored program for its researchers makes it a personal and innovative place to design and develop. Annie can be reached at anh.nguyen@tcu.edu or arcalyn@juno.com.

Chris Surley is a full-time MBA candidate with a concentration in supply chain management. Prior to attending Neeley, he worked almost four years as a team leader for the Business Development Group at TTI. At TTI, Chris managed a group of 10 individuals and had a sales budget of approximately 10 million dollars in 2010. He received his Bachelors of Science in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M University in 2006. Chris’ circumstance inside and outside of the Neeley program are what could make him unique and interesting. He is changing industry, moving from an electronics background into the healthcare business segment. While he has some history in the discipline of supply chain management, it is somewhat limited. Chris is most likely moving his functionality from a sales and support of a supply chain to an integration and optimization of a supply chain.  On a personal level, Chris is in a quasi-long distance relationship (45 miles) that is going extremely well. There is a possibility, if not probability that he is going to propose to and marry his girlfriend while in the program. Chris feels that everyone has a personal life that must strike a balance with their professional development and this could provide an interesting story line during his time as an MBA candidate. Get in touch with Chris at c.surley@tcu.edu.

Pratheeba Panneer Selvam came from Chennai, India, to Neeley in the fall of 2010 with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and five years of full-time work experience. Since 2004, Pratheeba has been working as a marketing professional in a software company. Currently, she is pursuing her first year of MBA studies in Supply Chain Management and Marketing. Pratheeba’s long-term goals are starting a business and opening libraries across her country. She is also interested in jewelry design, ball badminton and volunteering. Pratheeba can be reached at p.panneerselvam@tcu.edu.


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