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Neeley MBA students love to give back

The video that Michele posted at the end of her October 8 blog post (https://tcuneeleymba.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/) brings up a great point about the Neeley School of Business: Honor is a big deal around here. During orientation (we call it START Workshop), every student in every class signs a poster pledging to follow the Honor Code. Every START Workshop (for our full-time students, anyway) includes a community service portion, in which all students are encouraged to participate in a school-selected service project, as you saw in the video Michele posted about the Class of 2012’s trip to the Tarrant Area Food Bank. The MBA Association and several of the student organizations go so far as to elect community service officers, who find volunteer opportunities for the classmates throughout the year. Like I said, honor is a big deal.

And it’s not just a big deal in name, either. It’s a big deal in practice. In the video, one of the classmates, Annie, said that “We are here to help as much as we can, for this time, and hopefully in the future as well.” Since volunteering at the food bank, several members of the class of 2012 have signed up to volunteer for Junior Achievement, a program that sends community members into public schools to teach kids about personal finance and business, as well as to encourage them to stay in school so they can succeed in life. Our volunteers will dedicate one hour a week for five to seven weeks presenting the Junior Achievement curriculum to a class.

Karthik, far left, and Olivia, far right, had fun teaching seventh graders.

Several of the members of the class of 2011 volunteered in this capacity last year. My friend Karthik and I worked with a seventh grade class, teaching them about budgeting and the importance of a college education for a good career. In addition to that, we learned about one student’s “crazy dancing skills” and another student’s pet hamster. By the end, we had made some great memories from visiting with those kids every week.

More volunteer opportunities are going to be popping up throughout the rest of the year, and I’m excited to watch my classmates rise to the occasion, showing just how much the Neeley School of Business prizes and exercises its honor!

— Olivia Engkvist