Prayers to my Past

Perhaps this is not the venue for this note, but I felt it needed to be said. Japan, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I lived and worked in Japan for the past 3 years before coming to TCU and it is a place within my heart that I hold dear. I am only glad that technology has provided a way for almost instantaneous assurance (or at least knowledge) of the status of family and friends. Such an earthquake still in stages of aftershock is a scary situation. I continued to keep everyone in my thoughts and shall try to provide support however I can.

That said, I feel even within that so much has come to light in the conversation with those involved.

1. Despite everything else, Facebook and Twitter are apparently some of the most reliable methods of letting people know you are okay. I watched my newsfeed closely for as many signs of assurance as I could find.

2. Despite everything else, Japan remains orderly within the disorder. I am glad that while there is danger, my friends have assured me the markets and food stores are not in a panic. The people remain graceful and polite in orderly lines and calm food stocking.

3. Building Codes Matter. A throwback to my architectural background, but I am glad that even with scandals several years back with fabricated data scandal, Japan has remained strict in following through to make sure building codes are met. Although there have been many lives lost, it could have been so much more.

The full implications of this incident may not unfold until much later, but I wish for the best and pray for my loved ones and the loved ones of others that are in Japan and those other coastal areas. Stay safe. You are in my thoughts.


annie nguyen


One response to “Prayers to my Past

  1. Good post, Annie. Our thoughts and prayers, as well, are with the people of Japan.

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