Song of Snow and Ice

Snow days mean building snow men and surviving cabin fever

So in the days following the near complete cloud cover the US, we have been having snow and ice here at TCU. This of course is filled with both good and bad news.

Good News: School is closed and has been closed for the entirety of the week from Tuesday until now. Which means a mini vacation, hot cocoa, warm beds, and the lava game.

Bad News: School is closed and has been closed for the entirety of the week from Tuesday until now. Which means class schedules are wonky, and while it seems like a good idea for a day or two, it starts to wear on productivity.

Good News: Snow and Ice. That means sliding around, building snow men, the general merriment of powder and packing fights. General awesome.

Bad News: Snow and Ice. Dangerous road conditions mean no road trips (which for me was a trip down to Austin for randomness like Ushicon) and for others means dealing with crazy people and calling AAA sometimes. Unless you’re doing this on purpose. You people trying ice donuts outside know who I’m talking about.

Good News: Projects can be done. Time to do all those random projects, papers, and freelance work you decided was a good idea to pick but have been lying in wait for your attention. This could include catching up on the textbook readings or storyboarding those videos.

Bad News: Cabin Fever. At a certain point you can only be so productive before the voices start telling you all work and no play, and for some reason you have a recently stained smooth wood handle ax in the corner of your room….

I could continue with such contemplations, but the laziness (both good and bad) is starting to kick in and I’m afraid I must return to naps and reprieves. Hope everyone is staying safe and warm and enjoying the snowy weather. It doesn’t seem like Texas should shut down as much as it does with so little snow, but I for one always love the fact that we can celebrate this pristine beauty whenever it happens upon us.


annie nguyen


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