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The Gateway Degree

The MBA degree is an interesting beast. Even more so when joined with other disciplines such as law or in my case education. It creates this miniature career gateway into a variety of disciplines and paths. This allows me to see the amount of work that MBAs are involved in, but more importantly it provides a course structure that works to synthesize multiple disciplines.

I recently finished (last week) a long day of group interviews with Education Pioneers, a non-profit organization that seeks MBA talent specifically to reinvigorate aspects of the education industry. The long process involved with job seeking is both painful and informative. In fact, the group interview, a situation I have not had before, was probably one of the most fascinating and telling experiences about the organization. It really gets you more involved in what you would actually be a part of with the company and lets both parties see more of what each side has to offer. Despite the icy trek to get there, it was completely worth it.

As the process continues for many of us in solidifying our summer internships (I of course have my fingers crossed for everyone) I can only hope that others have been able to get this sort of experience in his or her journey. Some of the reasons I came to TCU was because the career services center was able to demonstrate to me a breadth of opportunities that were tailored to my interests and talents. The reality of the MBA is that it is only partially about business; it is a unique key to understanding a range of industries that you care about. 


 annie nguyen